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Business Consulting Services

Intuitive Coaching and Team Building


Team Building

In the realm of intuitive business consulting and team-building, the incorporation of equine-led team building offers a unique and transformative approach.


Harnessing the innate sensitivity and perceptive nature of horses, this consulting approach utilizes the animals as intuitive guides to unlock hidden dynamics within corporate teams. Through interactive exercises and observations of equine behavior, participants gain insights into their communication styles, leadership approaches, and interpersonal dynamics.

The wisdom of horses serves as a powerful metaphor for the intricacies of human relationships, fostering a deeper understanding of team dynamics and promoting effective collaboration. This innovative blend of intuitive insights and equine-guided team building not only enhances individual self-awareness but also cultivates a harmonious and cohesive work environment, ultimately leading to improved team performance and organizational success.

Intuitive Consulting

As a seasoned marketing and advertising executive, Sylvia Chávez Sitters brings a unique dimension to her consultancy by offering intuitive wisdom to small businesses seeking to align their mission, vision, and hiring strategies. Sylvia's approach involves tapping into her intuitive insights to understand the essence of a company's core values, enabling her to craft tailored business plans that resonate authentically with their target audience. By extending her intuitive capabilities to the personnel process, Sylvia ensures that businesses not only convey a cohesive brand message but also attract and retain individuals who align with the company's mission and vision, fostering a culture of shared purpose and long-term success.


Corporate Retreats

At the EquiSol Healing Center, our retreats uniquely blend the transformative power of equine-led activities, drumming, and divination with proven business strategies to create an immersive and holistic experience. Participants engage in hands-on equine interactions, gaining insights into leadership dynamics and effective communication, while the rhythmic energy of drumming fosters a sense of unity and purpose. Combined with divination practices and strategic business workshops, our retreats empower individuals to align personal and professional goals, catalyzing a transformative journey toward enhanced leadership, team cohesion, and sustainable business success.

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