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Private Consults

Ancient Tools for Remembering Your Path


60-minute monthly sessions- existing clients

As a skilled shamanic facilitator, Sylvia Chávez Sitters extends a profound opportunity to her existing clients through one-hour sessions designed to explore and dismantle limiting belief systems or address specific obstacles hindering their path to authenticity. With a keen understanding of ancient shamanic practices, Sylvia guides individuals through a transformative journey, delving into the depths of their subconscious to unveil and release ingrained patterns that may be holding them back. These personalized sessions not only empower clients to identify and overcome barriers but also facilitate a profound shift towards embracing their true selves, fostering personal growth, and cultivating a more authentic and fulfilling life.

90-minute session NEW clients

In her impactful consultations, Sylvia Chávez Sitters engages with new clients in a unique fusion of divination, mediumship, and corporate strategies, aiming to uncover and address the barriers preventing them from moving forward and embracing the lives they desire. With a finely tuned intuition and a mastery of divination techniques, Sylvia taps into the unseen realms to gain profound insights. Additionally, she draws on her background in corporate strategies, seamlessly integrating practical solutions and actionable plans that align with the client's aspirations. Through this holistic approach, Sylvia empowers individuals to navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and take meaningful steps toward a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.


Follow-up sessions

Follow-up sessions are pivotal in sustaining the trajectory of healing and transforming belief systems to craft the life one desires. The initial steps taken during therapeutic or coaching sessions lay the foundation, but it is in the subsequent follow-ups that the real depth of change unfolds. These sessions provide a continuous space for individuals to delve into the complexities of their belief systems, identify persistent patterns, and reinforce positive shifts. By regularly revisiting and reassessing personal goals and obstacles, clients can receive ongoing support, guidance, and tailored strategies, ensuring a sustained and progressive journey toward the creation of the life they aspire to live. Consistent follow-up sessions serve as an indispensable anchor, fostering accountability, reinforcing newfound perspectives, and ultimately fostering lasting positive transformations.

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