In 1999, I was living outside Hartford, CT and created an interesting way to get fired from an executive position for the Hartford Courant. For the first time in my life, I truly did not know what my next step was going to be.  Something inside me screamed NOT to do what felt familiar - call a headhunter and get back in the game.  I now see my Soul was asking me to fulfill the mission I'd agreed to before I even came to this Earthly place.


I found a Shamanic teacher even though I had no idea what shamanism was!  But the work resonated with me in a deep and profound way.  I learned to use drumming as a way to connect with Creator and my higher self; I learned to explore different "realities;" I experienced communication with my Spirit Animals, Angels and Ancestors and finally accepted who I was.. an Intuitive Clairvoyant.  When I first began my apprenticeship with my teacher in Connecticut, I participated in a shamanic journey, a deep meditation to drumming where one meets with their Animal Guides and other Divine Guidance. 


I always felt connected to Owls. Whenever I was struggling with a difficult time in my life, I would often see them on my car, during the daytime or on the buildings where I worked!  During my first journey, I saw Owl who "told" me it was my Guide and would come to show me when Change was coming in my life, reminding me Spirit was with me. Shortly after, I went home to my house in Connecticut and I went to the barn to feed my goats.  I entered the barn and immediately felt something on my head.  I thought it was a spider web.  I swiped it away but felt a wing!  I looked up and there was Owl flying before me!  I knew then that the veil is thin between this reality and the Spirit World.  That began my Shamanic Journey and work to be a guide for other women to reclaim their gifts.

Since beginning my Spiritual journey in 1999, I have been shedding layers of beliefs to reveal the Truest Version of myself. I created the EquiSol Shamanic Healing Center in Comfort, Texas in 2011 to create a space for women to feel safe enough to reclaim their Magic!   I offer my intuitive gifts as well as tools learned through shamanism, a way of living that honors the concept of "Mitakuye Oyasin," or "All My Relations."  It is the Way of honoring the two, as well as four-legged's, winged ones, Tree, Mineral and Rock Nations as our teachers on our spiritual journey.  


I offer equine-inspired teaching services to help women remember how to use their intuitive gifts by receiving insight from The Herd and connecting witj their own Higher Selves as well as Angels, Spirit Guides and Ancestors to assist in helping them fulfill their Soul's purpose.


I offer workshops and retreats in conjunction with my Teaching  Herd. This "Herd to Heart" approach is similar to having a conversation with a trusted friend who has a "heart to heart" talk with you!  You know it's going to be pointed, truthful and coming from love. I also use the Medicine Wheel, a First Nations approach to creating a foundation for your day, a project or your life's goals.  And finally, I teach tools to help you remember that Spirit is always helping you co-create your dreams!


If you are at a crossroads in your life,  have experienced a setback that has thrown you off your game or are ready to unveil the Truest Version of yourself, I can help.  I offer  clear guidance to help you remember who you really are and make decisions that support Your Greatest Good.


Hau!  Bienvenidos! Hello!

EquiSol Healing Sanctuary


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I had a wonderful session with this very gifted healer. She "knew" things that I didn't say out loud. She spoke absolute truth to me and gave me excellent advice to help restore peace to my soul. I'm looking forward to booking another session for myself and my daughter.

Tara Fagan Lee

Sylvia is a gifted healer, life coach, and friend. Recently she spent time over Zoom helping me figure out ways to get over some lifestyle choices and change they way I do and interact with those issues. She gave me helpful advice, along with “homework” to help me heal and change my way of thinking and acting. I’m so grateful for her help!

Nicole Lynn

So thankful that I found this amazing woman and amazing place. My quality of life is changing for the better thanks to her guidance and help. I'm finally finding ME again! My anxiety is finally under control, I feel hopeful and content, and my relationships with others have improved dramatically. I highly recommend reaching out to Sylvia and her Herd. It's by far the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Dawn McClellan-Yearicks



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