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Sylvia Chávez Sitters
Intuitive Facilitator

Sylvia Chavez Sitters seamlessly integrates over two decades of experience as an advertising and marketing professional with her innate gifts as an Intuitive Seer and Medium. Following a successful executive career in the newspaper industry, Sylvia embarked on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing, apprenticing with a Shaman in Hartford, CT. Feeling untethered after leaving the corporate world, she followed her intuition, taking steps toward her soul's mission. In 2011, Sylvia founded the EquiSol Shamanic Healing Center in Comfort, Texas, creating a safe haven for women to rediscover their authenticity through a blend of horse therapy, nature, and spiritual connection. With a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Texas, achievements including being the first Latina executive at the El Paso Times, and accolades for her innovative marketing campaigns, Sylvia offers a unique blend of professional expertise and spiritual insight. Whether guiding individuals through life transitions or helping organizations realign, Sylvia empowers clients to live and work authentically, unveiling the truest version of themselves.


Unlocking Authenticity: Transforming Beliefs with Timeless Wisdom and Ancient Tools."

Sylvia Chávez Sitters, Intuitive Facilitator

I had a wonderful session with this very gifted healer. She "knew" things that I didn't say out loud. She spoke absolute truth to me and gave me excellent advice to help restore peace to my soul. I'm looking forward to booking another session for myself and my daughter.

Tara Fagan Lee

Sylvia is a gifted healer, life coach, and friend. Recently she spent time over Zoom helping me figure out ways to get over some lifestyle choices and change they way I do and interact with those issues. She gave me helpful advice, along with “homework” to help me heal and change my way of thinking and acting. I’m so grateful for her help!

Nicole Lynn

So thankful that I found this amazing woman and amazing place. My quality of life is changing for the better thanks to her guidance and help. I'm finally finding ME again! My anxiety is finally under control, I feel hopeful and content, and my relationships with others have improved dramatically. I highly recommend reaching out to Sylvia and her Herd. It's by far the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Dawn McClellan-Yearicks


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