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My Beliefs


I am not a medical professional nor do I offer medical advice.   I offer shamanic healing in cooperation with my Herd of rescue animals.  

There's a lot of gaslighting happening in Spiritual communities right now. As more people seek me out to discover shamanism, I wanted to list a few core beliefs that are important for my clients to understand.   

I fiercely protect my Herd and the Land I care for so it's important that those who come here understand what I believe:

- I believe a woman has autonomy to make whatever decision she wants about her body.

- I strongly support LGBTQ and Transgender humans and we welcome them here at The Sanctuary

-  I believe in common-sense gun control laws

- I believe Joe Biden won the election (seems weird to have to say that)

- I believe Black Lives Matter

- I believe in Indigenous Cultural respect and offer my shamanic training based on teachings I've had from Indigenous Shamans and Elders

- I believe everyone who comes to The Sanctuary needs to be responsible for their own energy

- I believe in a non-secular learning approach and honor The Great Creator and Great Mother

-Bottom line - I'm a far left leaning Human who practices her craft on behalf of Mother Earth and All My Relations.

Thanks for stopping by.


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