All proceeds benefit the health and feeding care for the animals who find their way to our Foundation.

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Intuitive Readings
Monthly Moon Package Readings
* must commit to at least three months of work

Non-monthly readings $75/reading

30-minute reading $45

Mocha,  a member of #thehealingherd work

Herd to Heart Sessions

These private sessions with The Animal Nation provide deep insight into what is being said and unsaid within your life. The horses excavate your Truth to bring healing.



Gift box with Sacred7 roller and candle.  


This scent is DIVINE.  It represents the 7 directions of East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within.  

It can be used for ceremony, while taking a bath or creating sacred space in any room of your home!

$70 includes shipping

2 oz. Roller only - $20.00

10 oz Candle only - $25.00

Plus shipping

Spirit of the Horse Clearing Spray

2 oz = $12.00

16 oz = $40.00

Plus shipping

This clean, clear scent was created by the EquiSol Shamanic Teaching Herd in cooperation with Rosewood Maison!


Candles in three scents:


Samara: deep and woodsy and strong like my lead mare!


Sacred7:  includes herbs honoring the 7 sacred directions and their herbs

Spirit of the Horse:  light and clean scent 


These 10 oz candles are soy with cotton wicks

$30 includes shipping